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Traditional Wood Hand Stamp

Every wooden traditional stamp is custom made and hand crafted to size for the type and design requested. We offer two types of wooden hand stamps. The first is the traditional flat design which handles small to modest size impressions. The second is a "rocker" type with a curved base to accommodate larger sizes and generate a clean impression through the entire design.

We also offer an alternative that is very cost effective with modern materials and is offered in a large variety of sizes to cover most practical applications for a basic stamp. The Shiny DUO stamp system is simple, attractive and a great value.

CLICK HERE to review the many DUO Hand Stamp available sizes from 3/8" x 1" to 2-3/4" x 3-1/2".

Wooden hand stamps are priced per square inch. We make every effort to maintain the highest quality and keep the production costs as low as possible. Please Contact Us to discuss your wood stamp requirements.

Traditional Wooden Hand Stamps (flat or rocker) are available up to 18 inches in length with a variety of widths:

<- - - - - WOOD HAND STAMPS UP TO 18 INCHES WIDE - - - - ->
1/4" 3"
1/2" 4"
1" 5"
1-1/2" 6"
2" 7"
3" 8"